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Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Plastic, we do the lot.
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Shown here is a small sample of the type of work that they produce at GDM.

M4 Screw

M4 Screw

Made from Stainless Steel, knurled thumb scew.

Tee Pipe Fixing

Tee pipe fitting

Machined complete, a three way pipe connector.

Barb Fitting

Barb Tail Fitting

7/16" UNF Thread to 1/4" Barb tail fitting.Machined from St/Steel.


Blanking Cap

Machined from HE30 aluminium threaded 1 1/4" x 16TPI Whitworth.

Reducing Sleeve

Reducing Sleeve

Coupling machined from stainless steel to reduce pipe size.



Machined from 316 St/St, this part is used in the food industry.

Banjo Style Bolt

Banjo Bolt

Machined from St/Steel, this bolt has cross holes for flow of fluid.

Reducing Nut

Reducing Bush

Hexagon mild steel reducing bush threaded 7/8" UNF to 5/8" UNF.


We have shown a small selection of the parts that we can produce in-house at our factory in Sandy, we can also under take the assembly of our components if required, and we will supply them in appropriate packaging as specified by the customer.

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